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Richard Harrington on Auto Enrolment

"During my first six months as pensions minister, I have been listening to the industry, businesses and consumers about their hopes and issues for the future. I am pleased to set out some key private pensions priorities for this year so people can be clear about what is important to this Government.

A top priority is to make sure the rollout of automatic enrolment continues to be a success. As I come from a business background, I want to ensure we have a system that works both for individuals and employers.

One micro employer I met recently was clear supporting pension saving was the right thing to do, but also told me about the challenges they face meeting legal obligations while focused on growth. This view may be common tomany small businesses.

Just over a million small and micro employers will be required to enrol their staff before March 2018. This year, we will carry out a review of auto-enrolment and I would strongly encourage all interested parties to contribute. Supporting smaller employers through auto-enrolment is both a huge opportunity and a challenge, and I want to see the pensions industry create products and services that appeal to and work for businesses".